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5438Re: vim-cocoa 0.1 released

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  • Jjgod Jiang
    Nov 2, 2007
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      Hi Jeremy and anmar,

      On 11/3/07, Jeremy Conlin <jeremit0@...> wrote:
      > So what is the current status? Will we continue to have two different
      > versions for awhile or is the (partial) merging going to happen?

      I already started to investigate how to integrate the current rendering
      code of vim-cocoa into MacVim, but since MacVim implements more
      features than vim-cocoa, there could be some features involved with
      the text view which may not going to work after new code replaced the
      old one, so I think this integration is not going to be a one patch
      process, I wish Björn can create a branch on MacVim public repository
      so that I can push the changes to that branch and people in interest
      can fetch this branch and do some test before it actually going into
      the trunk.

      - Jiang

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