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525Re: How do I avoid "Press RETURN" at launch? -> shm=at?

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  • Benji Fisher
    Mar 5 11:12 AM
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      On Saturday, March 2, 2002, at 04:41 AM, Sven Guckes wrote:

      > * Seal, John J <sealj@...> [020301 20:36]:
      >> What I want is for Vim to launch and display the text when I
      >> double-click a file, without having to press Return first.
      > sure..
      >> I've read everything I can find on avoiding |hit-enter|,
      >> but I still have to do it when I double-click a file owned by Vim 6.
      >> Setting ch=2 and shm=a doesn't help.
      > mind you, the 'a' flag means "all of the *above*" -
      > but the description has some more flags *below*.
      > So how about adding the 't' flag, ie ":set shm=at"?
      > t truncate file message at the start if it is too long to fit
      > on the command-line, "<" will appear in the left most column.
      > (I keep reading this as ":set schmatt". ;-)

      Nice idea, but it does not work for me. I just tried it on OS X
      (Carbon vim 6.0) and I recall having this problem on Os 8.x. It looks
      as though "t" is already part of the default for 'shm', I already have
      'ch' set to 2, and there is plenty of room for the message. It just
      feels like making me hit the <CR>. :-(

      >> (Interestingly, the message actually says
      >> "Press RETURN" instead of "Hit ENTER".

      I get "Hit Enter" on OS X.

      > Which version are you using again? Vim-6?
      > I keep forgetting with all those users.. ;-)
      > Mind you, there are different versions for Mac
      > (and meanwhile I have lost interest
      > in keeping up-to-date with them).
      > Sven [still waiting for *the* VimMac for 68k]

      Good luck. ;)

      --Benji Fisher
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