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523How do I avoid "Press RETURN" at launch?

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  • Seal, John J
    Mar 1, 2002
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      I've read everything I can find on avoiding |hit-enter|, but I still have to
      do it when I double-click a file owned by Vim 6. (Interestingly, the message
      actually says "Press RETURN" instead of "Hit ENTER".) What I want is for Vim
      to launch and display the text when I double-click a file, without having to
      press Return first.

      The Windows version doesn't do this, and neither does the Mac version when
      you open a file after Vim is already running. Even when I remove all the *rc
      files and launch Vim "naked", it still wants me to press Return. Setting
      ch=2 and shm=a doesn't help.

      Is there a way to turn this off?

      John Seal, Principal Software Engineer | Raytheon (MS-44) O-
      mailto:sealj@... | 6125 East 21st Street
      phone:317-306-4838 fax:317-306-3583 | Indianapolis, IN 46219-2058
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