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  • björn
    Oct 8, 2007
      > > Yes, it does sound very general. I don't mind adding "mac" in front
      > > of the mac specific commands since I don't think any of them will need
      > > to be short (i.e. they are only used in vimrc/gvimrc). ":macaction"
      > > is fine by me.
      > Make it ":maction", pretty please... :-)

      I will go with ":macaction" and ":macmenukey" for clarity. You should
      be able to type ":maca" instead of ":macaction" once the name has
      changed (in case you find the new name too long).

      Tim's suggestion on checking keys that are bound to the same thing as
      menu items seems a little bit far-fetched to me...still, an
      interesting idea. :)


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