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5038Re: Preference pain

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  • björn
    Sep 30, 2007
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      > > And adding a preference pane for "native" vim settings would be a
      > > pain to implement: The right thing would be to let it change settings
      > > in your _vimrc, which requires a solid _vimrc (and _gvimrc) parser).
      > > And it's not that useful either, you should learn how to use _vimrc
      > > and friends anyways (and even if you don't want to do that, you can
      > > change all settings like you want to have them via the menus and then
      > > do `:mkvimrc`).
      > And there's also
      > :options
      > Making a Mac-like preference page would be quite counter-productive, I think. It
      > would be a horror to maintain and thus would either create
      > incompatibilities/cross-platform inconsistencies, or would take development time
      > away from more useful features.

      Not only do I agree with Ben, at this point in time I am strongly
      opposed to being able to change Vim related options in a preference
      pane. There will most likely be a preference pane in the future, but
      it will only deal with options that cannot be made into Vim options;
      things that are strongly tied to the multi window feature, things that
      are only relevant to MacVim.

      As for NSUserDefaults...currently I employ some user defaults, but
      only because I have not yet had the time to implement them properly as
      Vim options, OR because they are temporary measures that will be
      removed, OR they have to do with the internal workings of MacVim and
      should not be exposed in a preference pane. Actually, there are three
      user defaults that might make into the preferences pane:

      - MMTerminateAfterLastWindowClosedKey
      - MMTranslateCtrlClickKey
      - MMOpenFilesInTabsKey

      That's it. For now, if you want to change these you'll just have to
      use the 'defaults' command line tool (how to do this is explained on
      the MacVim project page).


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