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497Re: Ques: Setting font used under vim-carbon

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  • Gregory Seidman
    Feb 3, 2002
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      Etienne Posthumus sez:
      } Thanks to the binary download from Benji, I am now running vim-carbon on
      } my iBook OS X. Haven't been able to figure how to set the font used, I
      } would like to make it a bit larger. Have tried the 'guifont' 'gfn'
      } setting with some font names, but that doesn't do anything.
      } Is there a way to set the font used in vim-carbon?

      Yup, but I'll admit that it's not entirely intuitive. You use set gfn with
      a font name and size. I set gfn to ProFont:h12 (and I'm not sure what the h
      does, but it gives me 12 point ProFont in my Vim window with it and doesn't
      work without).

      } Etienne Posthumus
      } Amsterdam, Nederland
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