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48Re: *the* MacVim

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  • Leedsnet
    May 9, 2000
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      At 03:44 PM 5/9/00, Sven Guckes wrote:
      >I am getting sick of telling people this stuff:
      > MacVim is available from every ftp mirror.
      > However, there are three sites with updates:
      > Obe by Dany St-Amant, obe by Axel Kielhorn,
      > and one by Kenichi Asai ("MacVim Japanese").
      > Please let me know which version you are using.

      I have tried to find an official MacVim site from the vim
      pages and have not been successful. Could you post
      a url where the full comte of what you are 'sick of telling
      people' can be found.

      I am also looking for a copy of a recent 'os_mac.c' I
      have been able to find or make for myself everything

      >I know this won't solve the requests for
      >"please make me a binary with +perl"
      >but then again it's Apple's problem that
      >there they don't supply a free compiler.

      Maybe they don't & may be they should, but you may
      find this < URL:http://devworld.apple.com/tools/mpw-tools/ >

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