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4750Re: small macvim bug

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  • Niklas Lindström
    Aug 31, 2007
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      I think it's better to break the HiG when Vim has a behaviour in
      conflict with it. (I did some editing of the MacVim gvimrc to disable
      "behave mswin" and get back to some Alt (M) mappings I had for custom

      I believe it's fine to support Cmd-key mappings that comply, since
      this is a non-standard key that vim doesn't use normally. But the rest
      should be optional with an extra script, or perhaps with: "behave

      Best regards,

      On 8/29/07, björn <bjorn.winckler@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > after hitting C-v (to start blockwise visual mode), using the arrow
      > > keys ends visual mode. hjkl work fine. Also works fine in carbon vim,
      > > I guess this is due to some standard mapping.
      > The problem is ':set keymodel=stopsel'...from :h keymodel
      > stopsel Using a not-shifted special key stops selection.
      > Special keys in this context are the cursor keys, <End>, <Home>,
      > <PageUp> and <PageDown>.
      > The reason keymodel is changed is so that shifted 'special keys' start
      > selection mode; this to make MacVim behave according to the HIG. So what
      > should I do? Break the HIG or break the usual arrow key behaviour in visual
      > mode? By the way, I was setting 'behave mswin' in the system gvimrc to get
      > the shift-select behaviour.
      > /Björn
      > >

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