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473Re: PS printing on Mac

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jan 9, 2002
      Mike Williams wrote:

      > Someone on comp.editors is reporting a failure with :hardcopy with the
      > message:
      > E456: Can't open file ":vim:vim60:runtime/procset.ps"
      > Obviously the wrong file separator is being used in prt_add_resource() in
      > ex_cmds2.c. Is there a standard VIM way of handling this (e.g. for any other
      > runtime files) or does it need a bit of pp'd code to use ":" for the Mac world?
      > Hmm - VMS would use '.' - I guess no one there has tried hardcopy there then.

      Currently the PostScript hardcopy code is only for Unix. Although I
      heard it works with MS-Windows as well (you need to recompile with
      different features to do this). I would appreciate some Mac developers
      trying out the printing code and fixing any problems. PostScript is
      often used on the Mac, isn't it? I would expect there are only a few
      small problems to be solved.

      > I would delve further except I had a HDD crash over Christmas and I am only
      > just getting everything set up again and catching up with the world.

      Sorry! A HDD crash always comes when it's most annoying...

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