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4606MacVim.app - snapshot r128 - now available

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  • björn
    Aug 12, 2007
      I have uploaded a new snapshot to the usual place:


      Here are the major changes for this snapshot:

      - Window zooming no longer causes "lock-ups" (thanks to Nico for helping me sort this one out)

      - User default keys changed names, please look at MacVim.m for the new names.  You might want to remove the old preferences (~/Library/Preferences/org.vim.MacVim.plist) so that they do not interfere (although there is no reason why they should).

      - Drag files onto window to open in tabs (same thing happens if you are in command line mode...this is not standard Vim behaviour)

      - Drag text onto window to yank it into "~" register (and paste)

      - Arg number not appended to window title (this just looked awful when you drag files to a window)

      - System [g]vimrc changes: e.g. <D-w> maps to :q instead of :tabclose; I removed some items from the toolbar so that all items were visible at the default window size; nocompatible is set by default, and syntax highlighting is on by default.

      - Services menu: I added some simple (pointless) services to show how it can be done so that hopefully somebody can implement some useful services one day. The Services menu will not be "installed" unless you put MacVim.app in /Applications (or ~/Applications) and log off and on again (also make sure you have no older versions of MacVim lying around anywhere on your hard drive, or the wrong executable might be used...be sure to clean your Debug and Release folders if you have ever built MacVim yourself).  The 'Open selection...' service only works if MacVim is already running (I have to fix this).  One idea for a useful Services menu is to have an entry for "Open Files in Tabs" and "Open Files in New Window" and bind these to some appropriate key combination; these would then open the files which were selected (in the Finder). In essence they would replace the right-click "Open With" menus and by specifying a key equivalent they could be used quickly. The current "Open Selected File" is pretty dumb, but I just copied the idea from TextEdit.  One gotcha regarding the services menu is that it uses the star register, so if you use certain Services menu items the contents of the star register will change.

      - Font panel: I temporarily added it to the 'Edit' menu (you can also bring it up with ':action orderFrontFontPanel:')

      - Text layout: The advancement of each font is fixed in MMTextStorage, and there is a custom typesetter which ensures each line has a fixed height.  This means that "wide" characters render better than with r83 and that you can use proportional fonts.  Note: Cocoa performs font substitution if a glyph is not in the font you've chosen and the selected font might look "too wide" (I've noticed this with Greek letters, for instance), i.e. a glyph looks like it should be wide, but in fact it is not and overlaps the following glyph.  (I need to come up with a better way to deal with this.)  To use the old typesetter (I don't know why you'd want to do this) change user default 'MMTypesetter' to "NSTypesetter" (any other value and "MMTypesetter" is used);  to change cell width (one way to combat glyph overlaps) set user default 'MMCellWidthMultiplier' (a float in em-units, 1em = width of 'm');  to change baseline set user default 'MMBaselineOffset' (a float, negative moves up, positive down).

      - Window position autosaving: This works just like Safari...the first window opened remembers where it is moved (the top left window point is stored inside the user defaults).  Whenever a window is opened when no other windows are open it restores the position from there.  (Could be considered a fix for the problem with window positioning reported by "zoul").

      - Window cascading: This is also taken from Safari...each window cascades from the current key window (if there is no key window, then use the autosaved position as in the previous item).

      - Key down handler changed: If Ctrl is held the key is passed on straight to Vim instead of to interpretKeyEvents:.  This fixes the CTRL-O bug in insert mode reported by Jeremy Conlin.

      - Compiled with huge features, +cscope, +python (let me know if this works or not, I never use them myself).  I could not get perl and ruby to compile as a universal binary (although I could compile it 'native', i.e. ppc).  I would be grateful if somebody could help me figure out how to compile with these options enabled (as a universal binary).

      - Popup menus (this also fixes menu bug reported by Niklas Lindström): Access to popup menus via right-clicks, or Ctrl+Left Click.  If you have a two button mouse then I suggest you disable Ctrl+Left Click by setting the user default 'MMTranslateCtrlClick' to 0.  The ':popup' command is also supported (at the request of "Smitti").

      I think that just about covers it for this snapshot.

      As always, if you have feature requests, or bugs that you've found just let me know (if it is a definite bug which is reproducible following some simple steps, you can always just add it as an "Issue" on the MacVim googlecode page;  if it's something more vague, or something that other people might want to have a say in, please post it to this list).

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