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4586Re: New snapshot (r38) of MacVim

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  • Robert Hicks
    Aug 3, 2007
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      Nico Weber wrote:
      >> Yes, don't get me wrong here...the intentions are to make MacVim
      >> follow the HIG as much as is judged sensible (by me and whoever
      >> voices an opinion on this group). I only violated the "stay-open"
      >> rule because I ran into a minor problem, and thought I'd ask for
      >> everybody's opinion on this issue.
      > Don't let your app be dictated by small implementation problems ;-)
      >> I will add a user default which controls whether MacVim should quit
      >> when the last window closes, and the default will follow the HIG.
      > Why even have an option? Hitting cmd-q is even quicker than :q, all
      > people using a mac know cmd-q, only very few people will change this
      > preference and it makes the code a tiny bit more complex :-P

      Maybe because I am used to doing :q on every other operating system?
      Make it play nice sure but lets not change expected behavior.


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