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4583Re: New snapshot (r38) of MacVim

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  • björn
    Aug 3, 2007
      > It should do what the HIG says; ie stay open. Disable the menus if there's
      > no window. That way, I can hit Cmd-N to open a new vim window, and opening
      > files is slightly faster because the app is already loaded (atm, this is not
      > really true because each window spawns its own process, but in the long run
      > it might be).
      > Nico

      another vote for following the HIG. i was under the impression that
      this project was to make a more Mac-like vim. there could always be a
      preference to quit the app when closing the last window.

      Yes, don't get me wrong here...the intentions are to make MacVim follow the HIG as much as is judged sensible (by me and whoever voices an opinion on this group).  I only violated the "stay-open" rule because I ran into a minor problem, and thought I'd ask for everybody's opinion on this issue.

      I will add a user default which controls whether MacVim should quit when the last window closes, and the default will follow the HIG.


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