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4580Re: New snapshot (r38) of MacVim

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  • björn
    Aug 1, 2007
      > Of course, if many people object to this kind of behaviour in MacVim
      > then I could change it.  But I would need a good reason to do so.
      > Saying that "Carbon Vim" behaves in this way is not enough of an
      > argument to me.  I do appreciate the input though! :)
      I understand. It isn't just a "Carbon Vim" thing though or maybe I am
      crazy. When I have "vim" open :q closes vim when there are no other
      buffers open. On Windows and HP/UX when I use GVim and I :q when there
      are no other buffers open GVim exits entirely. It is only the MacVim one
      that behaves differently. I am not saying that is good or bad. I just
      wanted to make sure that it was the intended behavior since it is a
      "snapshot" and you would have liked feedback on it.  : )

      Thanks for the answer and for the build. I do like it.

      This is kind of funny...just after having written that long rant I sat down and did some work on MacVim only to realise the menus behave very oddly if there are no Vim windows open.  The best short-term solution was to...here it comes...make MacVim quit automatically when the last window closes.  :)

      So lets see if anybody has any objections as to why MacVim _shouldn't_ quit when the last window closes.  Like Robert says, the good side to this solution is that this is more familiar to Vim users from other platforms;  the bad side is that it is not standard Apple behaviour.  Which one do people think is the lesser evil here?


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