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4577Re: New snapshot (r38) of MacVim

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  • björn
    Aug 1, 2007
      >     :q on the last buffer closes the window and not the app? Is that
      >     intentional?
      > This is expected (Apple) behaviour for apps with multiple windows (e.g.
      > see what happens when you close the last window in Safari).
      > The thing that is confusing is that the application you are running is
      > MacVim (the GUI) and not Vim, which is just a process associated with
      > one of MacVim's windows.  When you type :q, you are telling Vim to quit,
      > but to MacVim this only means "close the window".  To me this is not so
      > much of an issue, since I am used to hitting <D-q> to close apps on a
      > Mac anyway, but if you are coming from another OS this might seem weird.

      Yes, it seems wierd since the carbon gvim closes with :q the last
      window. Isn't that the "expected" vim behavior though? Is the object to
      Macify Vim on OSX?

      I must be misunderstanding your question, because to me it seems like I already answered it in my last post.  In any case, let me try to answer it again.

      Carbon Vim is one application running one Vim process.  MacVim is one application running multiple Vim processes.  I.e. Carbon Vim is an application with only one window and MacVim is an application with multiple windows.  It is standard (Apple) behaviour that apps with only one window should quit when the window closes, whereas apps with multiple windows should only quit when the user selects "Quit" on the application's menu.  Thus, MacVim should _not_ quit when you type ":q" even if you only had one Vim process ( i.e. one window) open at that time.

      Of course, if many people object to this kind of behaviour in MacVim then I could change it.  But I would need a good reason to do so.  Saying that "Carbon Vim" behaves in this way is not enough of an argument to me.  I do appreciate the input though! :)


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