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4569Re: Vim with "Open With"

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 31, 2007
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      Ted Pavlic wrote:

      > I've put together a new gvim.app that does a better job at this. Check out:
      > http://links.tedpavlic.com/zip/gvim-login-and-open-with.app.zip
      > I've included lots of different file types and made icons for them that
      > you'll see if you set gvim as the default handler for the file type.
      > If you don't see the "Open With", you should try some of the
      > instructions from #4 from:
      > http://macvim.org/OSX/index.php#FAQ
      > In particular, try moving the gvim.app out of /Applications and then
      > back again. Also try doing "Open Contents" on gvim.app and then clicking
      > "Contents" and "Resources." Also try doing a "Get Info" on gvim.app.
      > And, finally, restart your Finder (which can be done by logging out and
      > logging back in).
      > I did all of this today, and now I see "gvim" in my "Open With" menu
      > nearly everywhere I see "TextMate" (because TextMate's Info.plist was my
      > inspiration).
      > NOTE: gvim.app is designed to open up each file in a new window rather
      > than using the currently open Vim. If you'd like the existing Vim to
      > handle the new file, you can make similar changes to Vim.app's
      > Info.plist file.

      For MS-Windows we have both "Open in new Vim" and "Open in existing
      Vim", because both are useful at times.

      I assume that for the Mac we can't have more than one entry. The best
      compromise then is to open the file in a new tab page in the existing
      Vim. Can it be made to function that way? The nice thing about it is
      that when you are already editing a file using "Open with Vim" won't
      take away that file from you.

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