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4558Re: Vim with "Open With"

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  • Ted Pavlic
    Jul 30, 2007
      > I guess MacVim suffers from the same problem -- the "Open With" menu is
      > there, but no care is taken to load the user's paths.

      Note: It looks like the problem I've always had has less to do with Vim
      and more to do with the "gvim" droplet (I think I got it from vim.org
      ages ago) that allows me to easily open files in Vim.

      It has a "script" in its resources that has this:



      . /sw/bin/init.sh

      ${VIM_APP_DIR}/Vim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim -go "$@" &
      script (END)

      This seems a little silly to me. Changing that to something more
      reasonable should fix any old path troubles I had.


      > This could be fixed by sourcing the user settings, whenever a Vim
      > process is launched from MacVim. However, I'm not sure how to 'source
      > the user settings'...how do you figure out which one it is (could be
      > .profile, .bashrc, etc.), and is there a way of reading it short of
      > launching /bin/sh (or whatever) and checking which environment variables
      > got set?
      > Has anybody got any ideas on how to do this?
      > /Björn
      > >

      Ted Pavlic <ted@...>

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