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4556Re: Vim with "Open With"

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  • Trenton Schulz
    Jul 30, 2007
      On Jul 30, 2007, at 11:02 , björn wrote:

      > If you ever do figure out how to get Vim in the "Open With" menu, you
      > may not like it. For example, my user paths aren't loaded when I load
      > Vim via the Finder. If I want to run a compiler that's not in a
      > standard
      > folder (like LaTeX), this is pretty annoying.
      > I guess MacVim suffers from the same problem -- the "Open With"
      > menu is there, but no care is taken to load the user's paths.
      > This could be fixed by sourcing the user settings, whenever a Vim
      > process is launched from MacVim. However, I'm not sure how to
      > 'source the user settings'...how do you figure out which one it is
      > (could be .profile, .bashrc, etc.), and is there a way of reading
      > it short of launching /bin/sh (or whatever) and checking which
      > environment variables got set?
      > Has anybody got any ideas on how to do this?

      One can set variables "property list style" in ~/.MacOSX/
      environment.plist. Finder reads that when it starts and all GUI
      applications launched from Finder will inherit those settings.

      Far from pretty but it would work.

      -- Trenton

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