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  • björn
    Jul 27, 2007
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      > > I think we can discuss about the tab label implementation forever.
      > > It's
      > > a personal choice. Would it be possible to make this an option
      > > somehow?
      > > Or would that be too complicated, implementing both. It could be an
      > > option that is only used the moment the GUI is started and can't be
      > > changed later.
      > IMO we should have a "taboverflow" option with the values "nodrawer",
      > "draweronoverflow" and "alwaysdrawer" (well, or similar), that
      > controls which tab style is used based on how many tabs are currently
      > open. This should be changable at runtime.

      I would say having both tabs & drawer is quite feasible, but to make
      it "nice" would require some work. Adding a hack that will let you
      choose between the two would not take me that long (granted that Nico
      would help me transfer his existing code to MacVim), but do you judge
      this feature important enough for such "dirty" work at the moment?

      The "right" way (this is a guess...I haven't thought about it that
      much) would be to make Nico's drawer a delegate of the NSTabView (this
      is what PSMTabBarControl does) and handle things from there. This
      would require almost no change to the MacVim code (!) but I think it
      would be a bit of an effort. If you have the time and inclination
      Nico, then check out PSMTabBarControl (it's under MacVim/
      PSMTabBarControl) and see if you can figure out how it deals with the
      NSTabView delegate methods. (Note that there is always an 'invisible'
      NSTabView present which holds all the NSTabViewItems, PSMTabBarControl
      simply looks at this to decide which tabs to draw.) With this
      approach it would be simple to add options to let you choose if/how/
      when you want the drawer or the tabs---just change whether
      PSMTabBarControl or the drawer is the delegate of the NSTabView, and
      hide one or the other (but it would be unfeasible to have _both_
      visible at the same time).

      There are some much more pressing user interface issues I would rather
      focus my time on at the moment though (I will start a discussion on
      this soon), so unless people find this to be a make or break issue, I
      will let it rest until further notice.


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