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4538Re: [ANN] MacVim.app Google code page

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  • Nico Weber
    Jul 26, 2007
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      > I think we can discuss about the tab label implementation forever.
      > It's
      > a personal choice. Would it be possible to make this an option
      > somehow?
      > Or would that be too complicated, implementing both. It could be an
      > option that is only used the moment the GUI is started and can't be
      > changed later.

      IMO we should have a "taboverflow" option with the values "nodrawer",
      "draweronoverflow" and "alwaysdrawer" (well, or similar), that
      controls which tab style is used based on how many tabs are currently
      open. This should be changable at runtime.

      But as Bjorn said, not now. I guess I'd have to reimplement the
      drawer in Cocoa anyways.


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