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4475Re: Vim 7 no longer compiles on OS X

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  • Benjamin Esham
    May 8, 2007
      Jjgod Jiang wrote:

      > Hi Benjamin,
      > 2007/4/29, Benjamin Esham <bdesham@...>:
      >> OK, I've resolved this problem. I had the ATSUI patch (http://
      >> wiki.macvim.org/wiki/VimPatches/ATSUI) applied, and I think that it
      >> somehow conflicted with patches 232 and 233. If I get time, I'll see
      >> if applying the ATSUI patch now gives the same problems, but at least
      >> my installation works again.
      > I created a new patch against the latest SVN version (r252).Will you
      > please try:
      > http://wiki.macvim.org/wiki/VimPatches/ATSUI?
      > action=AttachFile&do=get&target=atsui.patch

      Hi Jjgod,

      Patching against the latest Vim 7.1 SVN works fine for me (i.e. both
      antialiasing and multibyte text work).

      Thanks a lot,
      Benjamin D. Esham
      bdesham@... | AIM: bdesham128 | Jabber: same as e-mail
      β€œIt is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness,
      nothing more.” β€” Albus Dumbledore in HBP
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