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4457Open in tab - was: Vim.app universal - +clientserver?

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  • Jonas Bösch
    May 1, 2007

      Begin forwarded message:

      > From: Benji Fisher
      >>>> I would like to humbly request adding +clientserver to your
      >>>> precompiled package.
      >>> I would if I could. This is a programming problem, not a
      >>> configuration option.
      >> Is there another 'mac'-way to replace --remote-tab ? That is, to open
      >> a file in a new tab in the currently open Vim.app-instance?
      > You can open a file in an existing instance of Vim.app using
      > $ open -a Vim foo.c
      > (I think it is a little more complicated. If the running instance was
      > started from the Finder or using open, this should work. If it was
      > started from the command line, I think a new instance is started.)
      > That is only half the battle. I do not know how to get vim to
      > open
      > a new tab in this situation. Perhaps some autocommand event is
      > triggered. You might ask on the vim-mac mailing list for further
      > ideas.

      As Benji suggested, I'm trying my luck here...

      Is there a way to get Vim.app to open a file in a new tab in the
      currently running instance?
      ..which works when double-clicking the file in Finder or XCode
      as well as from the commandline?

      Any ideas are greatly appreciated.