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4433How to avoid typing 80 repeted Characters?

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  • José Pinheiro Neta
    Apr 3 12:29 PM

      I found my self doing always the same :-(
      When I need to code, I need to write comment lines as follow:


      I lose to much time writting 80 character. And I know that Vim as the
      answer, and that's why I love it.

      The firts question is:

      How do I repeat for instance the caracther "-" from column x to y.
      That must be till column y no matter which size is my comment.
      If it was a comment line with a fixed length, I could use the
      command :abbreviate, but it isn't.

      The second question is:

      How do I delete characters in a line from column x to column y.
      For instance; if the statement if:
      "How to avoid typing 80 repeted Characters?"

      How can I delete from column 4 to 6 (removing the word "to")?

      Thank you
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