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4432Re: How to avoid typing 80 repeted Characters?

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  • Benjamin Esham
    Apr 3 12:44 PM
      José Pinheiro Neta wrote:

      > How do I delete characters in a line from column x to column y.
      > For instance; if the statement if:
      > "How to avoid typing 80 repeted Characters?"
      > How can I delete from column 4 to 6 (removing the word "to")?

      To delete from column 4 to column 6, try


      Since '|' is an exclusive motion, you could also do


      This uses fewer keystrokes, but is much less obvious (since we use 7
      instead of 6). To delete column 4 and the next two columns to the
      right, use

      4|v2ld or 4|d3l

      Your questions would probably be better asked on the main vim mailing
      list, or perhaps in the comp.editors group; people there can probably
      give you even shorter solutions than these.

      Benjamin D. Esham
      bdesham@... | AIM: bdesham128 | Jabber: same as e-mail
      Esperanto, the international language ☆ http://www.lernu.net
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