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4431Re: How to avoid typing 80 repeted Characters?

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  • Nicolas Weber
    Apr 3, 2007
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      > #
      > Comment---------------------------------------------------------------
      > ---------------
      > I lose to much time writting 80 character. And I know that Vim as
      > the answer, and that's why I love it.
      > The firts question is:
      > How do I repeat for instance the caracther "-" from column x to y.
      > That must be till column y no matter which size is my comment.
      > If it was a comment line with a fixed length, I could use the
      > command :abbreviate, but it isn't.

      You can type a number in front of any command in normal mode to
      repeat it. The easiest way to do what you want to do is


      (this enters 80 - and leaves the cursor at the end of the line). Now

      0R# bla <esc>o

      (0 puts the cursor into the first column, R starts replace mode, '#
      bla # enters your comment, <esc> goes back to normal mode, o opens a
      new line and starts insert mode).

      This sounds complicated, but can be done quite fast. You can map the
      first keystrokes (80i-<esc>0R) onto a key if you want.

      In general, try to do as much as possible in normal mode.

      > How do I delete characters in a line from column x to column y.
      > For instance; if the statement if:
      > "How to avoid typing 80 repeted Characters?"
      > How can I delete from column 4 to 6 (removing the word "to")?

      Depends where your cursor is ;-) The fastest 'general' method is to
      hit /to<cr> (to enter incremental search mode, find 'to', place the
      cursor at it) and then hit dw (delete word). If /to<cr> doesn't end
      up at the correct 'to', hit n to go to the next hit (or N for the
      previous hit). use ? instead of / to search backwards. Depending on
      the context, there can be even faster ways to do this.

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