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4430What's the current state of vim 6?

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  • Stephen Riehm
    Apr 1, 2007
      Hi Guys,

      I just made the switch to Intel and am having a little trouble
      getting a gvim up and running.

      I didn't move to vim-7 in the past because shift-alt- mappings didn't
      work, this still seems to be the case :-(
      (Just got the latest version from CVS)
      I tried to compile 6.4 - but it doesn't build any gui capabilities,
      even with ./configure --enable-gui=carbon

      Is there a version of vim 6 which is intel-carbon-capable, or "didn't
      someone post a patch to make vim-7 handle shift-alt mappings properly?"
      How could I get the latest version of vim-6 from cvs?

      Thanks guys,

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