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4428Re: Vim with Thunderbird

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  • Benji Fisher
    Apr 1, 2007
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      On Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 11:35:43AM -0400, Alan G Isaac wrote:
      > > Alan G Isaac wrote:
      > >> Are any of you using gVim with Thunderbird?
      > >> If so, how? I've followed the usual weblinks,
      > >> but asking for ``nofork`` seems not to get me
      > >> there.
      > On Sat, 31 Mar 2007, Michael Henry apparently wrote:
      > > I'm using the Thunderbird "External Editor" plugin[1] along with a
      > > modified script taken from macvim.org[2]. I changed one line of the
      > > "gvim" shell script[3] they provide at macvim.org and saved it as
      > > ~/bin/gvimwait (script included below). Then I just configure the
      > > External Editor plugin to use ~/bin/gvimwait.
      > > [1]: http://globs.org/articles.php?lng=en&pg=2
      > > [2]: http://wiki.macvim.org/wiki/Downloads/ExtraFiles
      > > [3]: http://macvim.org/OSX/files/gvim
      > Thanks! I'll try this immediately.
      > But is seems oddly complex compared to doing this on other OSs.
      > Why is that?

      The earlier response mentioned "rough edges," which is pretty
      accurate. This particular rough edge comes from the fact that the
      binary does not fork by default, as it does on other OS's. (I do not
      know why.) The gvim shell script explicitly adds & to force forking to
      overcome this. See #2 on the bug list at

      If you do not want vim to fork, why use the gvim shell script? All
      the script does is look in "all the usual places" (/Applications and
      ~/Applications and a couple of others) to find where you have put
      Vim.app; peek at the name by which it was called ($0); set a few flags;
      and pass the rest of the command line to the binary. Unless you change
      your mind about where to put Vim.app, you may as well just tell External
      Editor where the binary is. See also #8 on the FAQ list at
      http://macvim.org/OSX/index.php#FAQ .

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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