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4327utf-8 and stability problems (was Re: Where's my Vim icon?)

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  • Andre Schaefer
    Mar 1, 2007

      I currently observe severe problems even with no antialiasing; utf-8
      support seems to be buggy.

      I wonder, if there is some short term workaround? I currently edit a
      long utf-8 document and would be happy to use mac Vim.app instead of the
      shell vi or Aquamacs Emacs (although the latter is not bad in terms of
      stability and OS integration, it seems ;) - and it has viper-mode )

      I did try all the enc/(no)macatsui/(no)anti/gfn patterns it seems.

      Too bad: my ~/.gvimrc seems to let Vim.app crash, when doublecllicking.
      using the gvim starter script from the shell does work... strange.

      Seems to have something to do with my locale settings and translated
      menus, probably.

      I will post a trace, if that seems to be useful... ? (be patient; I am
      not at home at my mac currently)


      Am Donnerstag, den 01.03.2007, 12:47 +0100 schrieb Nicolas Weber:
      > Hi,
      > > I see that fonts are not anti-aliased. Is that because it's a
      > > Carbon app instead of a Cocoa one?
      > No, that has nothing to do with Carbon/Cocoa. Mac Vim's font handling
      > code is simply buggy. You have to choose if anti-aliasing or unicode
      > text display works iuc (yes, that's an exclusive or :-P).
      > Nico
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