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4310Troubles with encodings when i use the dport vim version

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  • Arnaud BARRÉ
    Feb 20, 2007

      Actually I use Vim_7.0-PPC and it works greats. I have no troubles
      with this version when i open ISO-8859-1 encoded file or when I type
      on my iBook 'Panther' keyboard.

      In fact, I use this line in my ~/.gvimrc :
      set nomacatsui anti encoding=latin1 termencoding=macroman gfn=Monaco:h10

      Because i want to try to guitab.v5.diff patch, i compiled my own vim
      version. In fact, i use MacPort (Or Darwinports) and I added the line
      to the guitab.v5.diff patch
      I have no problem during the compilation and the gui tab works great!.
      Now i have a 'vim 7.0.201_0+aqua+cscope+perl+python+ruby+tcl ' version
      which look likes the mac-vim version (Binaries in /Applications, GVim
      to launch Vim, etc.)

      The problem start here. When I open some ISO-8859-1 files, I have some
      bad characters. The worst is when I type on my keyboard. My accents
      are not displayed. For exemple, if I type 'é' I have '~N'

      I tried some to change the enconding and termencoding options but i
      always have the same problems.

      I think, the encoding and termencoding have no effect on my vim version...

      Have you already had this problem?

      I use libiconv 1.11 during the compilation.


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