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4304Re: mac gui tabline v5

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  • Silent1
    Feb 13, 2007
      just compiled it as well and everything looks great, i'll will be using it
      all day today and if i find any bugs i'll report back. Nice work, thanks

      On 2/11/07, Nicolas Weber <nicolasweber@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > Michael Wookey suggested that the size of the gui tabline drawer
      > should be changable. I agree and added this to the patch. It's the
      > only change (except that this patch is for the current svn version).
      > With this patch you can drag the edge of the drawer to change its size.
      > If you make the drawer to small, it'll disappear (like in all apps
      > where you can resize the drawer). To bring it back, open a tab (or
      > close a tab) or call :set showtabline=1 or :set showtabline=2. If you
      > want it hidden, call :set showtabline=0, just as before.
      > Apply in vim's root directory.
      > If you like this patch and want it included in Vim, then speak up!
      > Tell Bram (preferably via this list) that you like this patch and
      > that it works for you. Likewise, if you don't like it, speak up as
      > well :-P
      > Bye,
      > Nico
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