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4280Re: vim window width

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  • Panos Laganakos
    Jan 26, 2007
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      Matthew, thanks for the tip.

      Although I read in the help files, that:

      win[size] {width} {height}

      command is obsolete and we are supposed to use:

      set lines={num_of_lines} columns={num_of_columns}


      Still, this is just another way to do the dragging of the window, but
      doing it with a command.

      I'd like to be able to use the maximize button, to toggle between two
      states - whole screen and user defined size, that may be the startup
      size or the result of set/lines/columns or dragging of the window.

      On 1/26/07, Matthew Jenove <mjenove@...> wrote:
      > Panos Laganakos <panos.laganakos@...> wrote:
      > > Is there a way to modify the way that Vim maximizes?
      > I don't know if this really answers your question, but I use "win" in
      > command mode to set the window size. On my 15" Powerbook, the first
      > think I typically type in a [g]vim window is
      > :win 80 63
      > And this gets me an 80-column window just about as tall as the screen.
      > I also use
      > :win 165 63
      > when doing split-diff's. I suppose you can just play around with it
      > until you find your favorite window size, and then drop it in your rc
      > file or commit the dimensions to memory.
      > HTH,
      > matthew jenove
      > --
      > "If it isn't raining now, take the bike. As long as you get to work
      > dry it doesn't matter if you come home wet."
      > -Grizz

      Panos Laganakos
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