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4105Re: definitive terminal vim vs. gvim debate

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  • Tim Stebbing
    Aug 1, 2006
      I've been using vim in various forms for about 7 years, I consider
      myself a fairly hard-core user, in that I have a .vimrc file over 1k
      lines long, which at several points loads further functionality form
      python modules I've written. I also use vim every day of the week for
      on average 8-9 hours, and I have no mouse attached to my machine.

      I use gvim when developing software, I use terminal vim when doing
      short sys-admin tasks.
      I know alot of old timers will nay-say the gui vim for various
      reasons, and thats fine, but for me the killer functionality of gvim
      is colour support. Now this might sound like an odd thing to say, but
      when you are staring at a screen all day long the colour scheme you
      use becomes fairly important for eye-strain, readability and so on. I
      have 3 different schemes I use which I have written myself, designed
      for differing levels of ambient light, I light one for high light
      conditions, a mid tone and a dark for night time.
      I've always been a linux user but have recently bought a macbook pro.
      I've adapted a bit of code I found on a blog for reading the ambient
      light sensor (mail me if you want it) and now have a small process
      that polls the ambient light in the room every minute and then uses
      vim remote to tell the running gvim process to change themes if the
      light hits a particular threshold.. ok, perhaps I'm a bit obsessive
      over my colours but 16 just is not enough for me.

      On 8/2/06, Rick Hogg <eulipion2@...> wrote:
      > I'm of mixed opinions about this. For the first few months of my Vim-ing I was all about using VIM via Terminal.app, but something clicked in me, and I experimented with Vim.app, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. It opens quicker and gives you a graphical browser for opening files. That said, it's a unitasker, and if you're working on a document and constantly need other command line utilities then using Terminal.app is the way to go. I use both all the time.
      > Just either add the path to vim (/Applications/Vim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim) to your path, make an alias to this vim in your .profile, or, as I did, make a symbolic link to vim in /usr/bin so that you only have one installation to update as new patches or versions are made available.
      > Enjoy!
      > David Sewell <dsewell@...> wrote:
      > On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Adam Wolff wrote:
      > > Hi all,
      > > I'm a long time VIMmer and a short-time OS Xer. I loved gvim on the
      > > PC, and used it instead of cygwin VIM. However I think I've settled on
      > > terminal VIM on the mac.
      > I use vim with Terminal.app all the time. I mostly use Gvim in cases
      > where I want to use the mouse a lot.
      > I don't entirely understand the antagonism some folks in the Mac
      > community have to Terminal.app; the older OS X versions had weak
      > implementations, but the one in 10.4.7 is pretty good. It performs as
      > well as iTerm on the old vttest program, for example (better on things
      > like double-sized characters).
      > DS
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