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4104definitive terminal vim vs. gvim debate

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  • Adam Wolff
    Aug 1, 2006
      Hi all,
      I'm a long time VIMmer and a short-time OS Xer. I loved gvim on the
      PC, and used it instead of cygwin VIM. However I think I've settled on
      terminal VIM on the mac. It seems much faster on my macbook than gVim,
      though I admittedly built the former but not the latter. I was going
      to start a wiki page on my website with some information about how and
      why I'm running stuff the way I do, but I wanted to check and make
      sure I have good info here first.

      The biggest thing I miss in my terminal vim is the ability to make the
      cursor blink in insert mode, but not having keyboard control over
      gVim's dialogs with the keyboard is a deal breaker for me (how is this
      possible?) Also the lack of a minimize command for the gVim window
      bothers me a lot.

      Anyone else have strong opinions here? Why doesn't the mac terminal
      respond to ansi escape codes, that, say, change the cursor color or
      make it blink? I looked at iTerm but that didn't seem any better.

      Thanks in advance,
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