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3993Setting of $PATH in vimrc

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  • Brad
    Jun 7, 2006

      just downloaded the vim7.0-ppc.tar.gz and installed. It looks great!

      Some $PATH problems though:

      I noticed that when I drag the gVim icon to the dock and start from
      there, the $PATH that I set in my .profile doesn't make it into vim.

      I had a look at Vim.app/Contents/Resources/vim/vimrc, and it looks as
      if the check

      ps xw | grep "Vim -psn" | grep -vc grep

      to see whether Vim.app was started from the Finder doesn't cover the
      case where it is started from the doc (in which case it looks like it
      appears as "Vim -go", not "Vim -psn").

      I replaced that with

      ps xw | grep "Vim -\(psn\|go\)" | grep -vc grep

      which seems to work.

      If this is blatantly wrong or anything, please let me know.

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