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3971Re: [OT] Bug or Feature?

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  • Benji Fisher
    May 26, 2006
      On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 07:35:54PM +0100, Chris Allen wrote:
      > On 5/26/06, Andre Berger <andre.berger@...> wrote:
      > >Yes. I start vim without any command line-arguments, and get a "no
      > >name" (previously a "no file") buffer, about which I read in the
      > >upgrade information. So far, so good. I type my text, and save it to
      > >a file with ":w". Previous versions of Vim wrote the file and loaded
      > >it into the initial buffer, like ":saveas" does. 7.0.17 (my huge
      > >self-compiled version) just writes to the file, but keeps the noname
      > >buffer. I would like to have the old behavior back. I hope it's
      > >clearer what I mean now. I asked this here because I wasn't sure if
      > >that's a design change, Mac related, or a local problem.
      > Interesting. I still get that behaviour, certainly, using 7.0.17,
      > home-built huge. I can't think of a build option or runtime option to
      > disable that, but I certainly don't know everything. Can you give us
      > the output of ':set'?

      When I open a new buffer and do


      I get an error message (E32). If Andre does this and gets a saved file,
      there must be something tricky going on. When I do

      :w /tmp/helloworld.txt

      the buffer name becomes the same as the file. Curiously,


      now shows the message about saving the new file twice ...

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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