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3932Re: v7.0 and Umlauts

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  • Andre Berger
    May 9, 2006
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      * Benji Fisher (2006-05-09):
      > On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 05:44:34AM +0200, Andre Berger wrote:
      > > Since I have upgraded to a self-compiled huge v7.0/PPC, I've got a
      > > charset problem in gvim in E-Mails. I'm using a combination of mutt
      > > and gvim. Umlauts are displayed correctly in the Terminal, which is
      > > set to UTF-8 in Tiger. They're displayed as "wide" (double) gremlins
      > > in gvim. Both gvimrc and vimrc contain
      > >
      > > set encoding=utf-8
      > > let &termencoding = &encoding
      > >
      > > which used to work fine until now. I've set "nomacatsui" to benefit
      > > from antialiasing if that matters.
      > >
      > > -Andre
      > I wish there were an easy answer. The options that may matter
      > include
      > 'macatsui'
      > 'antialias'
      > 'encoding'
      > 'fileencoding'
      > 'guifont'
      > and maybe
      > 'termencoding'
      > (IIUC, 'termencoding' matters for characters that you type, not for
      > reading from a file. Several people report that
      > :set termencoding=macroman
      > helps.)

      Not for me, I've set everything to UTF-8.

      > I am also using mutt (on Linux), so there should be a correct
      > Content-type line in the headers. Does that help? Here are some
      > characters with umlauts: äëïöüÄËÏÖÜ. (I entered these as <C-K>:a and

      No, can't see them on 7.0, and can't enter them readibly. Both works
      fine in 6.4.10 with Monaco:h14.

      > so on. The lower-case "a" looks wrong on my terminal, but maybe that is
      > just a font problem.) I tried entering these characters the same way in
      > Vim.app, and they look fine to me (even the lower-case "a").
      > Using 'nomacatsui' should make vim 7.0 render fonts pretty much
      > the same way vim 6.4 did. Using 'macatsui' is supposed to help with
      > some Unicode characters, maybe Japanese for example?

      Thanks Benji, your help is always appreciated. I found out if I set
      macatsui, I get my characters but no anti-aliasing; and vice versa.
      (It's the same with your PPC version.)

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