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3931Re: v7.0 and Umlauts

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  • Benji Fisher
    May 9, 2006
      On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 05:44:34AM +0200, Andre Berger wrote:
      > Since I have upgraded to a self-compiled huge v7.0/PPC, I've got a
      > charset problem in gvim in E-Mails. I'm using a combination of mutt
      > and gvim. Umlauts are displayed correctly in the Terminal, which is
      > set to UTF-8 in Tiger. They're displayed as "wide" (double) gremlins
      > in gvim. Both gvimrc and vimrc contain
      > set encoding=utf-8
      > let &termencoding = &encoding
      > which used to work fine until now. I've set "nomacatsui" to benefit
      > from antialiasing if that matters.
      > -Andre

      I wish there were an easy answer. The options that may matter


      and maybe


      (IIUC, 'termencoding' matters for characters that you type, not for
      reading from a file. Several people report that

      :set termencoding=macroman


      I am also using mutt (on Linux), so there should be a correct
      Content-type line in the headers. Does that help? Here are some
      characters with umlauts: äëïöüÄËÏÖÜ. (I entered these as <C-K>:a and
      so on. The lower-case "a" looks wrong on my terminal, but maybe that is
      just a font problem.) I tried entering these characters the same way in
      Vim.app, and they look fine to me (even the lower-case "a").

      Using 'nomacatsui' should make vim 7.0 render fonts pretty much
      the same way vim 6.4 did. Using 'macatsui' is supposed to help with
      some Unicode characters, maybe Japanese for example?

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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