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392Re: new binary for Mac OS X

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  • Benji Fisher
    Nov 16, 2001
      On Saturday, November 17, 2001, at 12:17 AM, Benji Fisher wrote:

      > Hi!
      > I solved the $VIM problem the easy way: I have packaged the binary
      > and the runtime folders in an ordinary folder (not a bundle0 called
      > vim/ . This way, $VIM gets set, automatically, to the right thing. The
      > only problem is that the user has to install the vim/ folder, with
      > Vim.app inside it, in Applications/ (or wherever).
      > You can get the whole package, or any part of it, from my idisk:
      > Unfortunately, I forgot to compress it. :-( Now I am at home, and my ISP
      > kicks me off before a 3.2 MB upload is complete. :-( I'll try again, but
      > a compressed version may not get there until Monday.
      > Please let me know whether this version works for you or not! I
      > want to know if there are any problems before announcing this anywhere
      > else.
      > This version contains patches 1 to 93 and an additional patch from
      > Dany St-Amant. It was compiled with -DMACOS_X_UNIX . I'll mention one
      > problem in another post...
      > --Benji Fisher

      The URL is http://homepage.mac.com/fisherbb . I promise to get some sleep
      now. ;)
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