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3906More problems with Meta/Command/Shift keystrokes on Mac

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  • Stephen Riehm
    May 1, 2006
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      Hi Ben,

      On 01.05.2006, at 02:08, Afternoon wrote:

      > I've been doing some more exploration of key mappings on Benji's
      > new 7.0g build, using insert mode to get Vim to tell me what it's
      > thinking:
      > Keypress Yields
      > ^V<Left> <Left>
      > ^V<Right> <Right>
      > ^V<D-Left> <C-D-\>
      > ^V<D-Right> <C-D-]>
      > ^V<D-Up> <C-D-^>
      > ^V<D-Down> <C-D-_>
      > ^V<M-Left> <Left>
      > ^V<M-Right> <Right>
      > ^V<M-Up> <Up>
      > ^V<M-Down> <Down>
      > ^V<BS> ^H
      > ^V<M-BS> ^H
      > So, shift seems to work, alt is broken and command is weird,
      > backspace is still not quite mapping correctly, regardless of
      > fixdel etc.

      I too just tried the new version, but shift is not working for me :-(
      For example:
      Keypress Yields Status according to Steve ;-)
      ======== ====== =============================
      ^V<S-Left> <Left> oops - should be <S-Left> or <S-C-D-\>
      ^V<D--> <D--> ok
      ^V<S-D--> <D--> oops - should be <S-D-->
      ^V<D-9> -nothing- confused(1)
      ^V<S-D-9> -nothing- confused(1)
      ^V<S-D-[> <D-[> oops - should be <S-D-[> or <D-}>
      ^V<S-D-=> <D-=> oops - should be <S-D-=> or <D-+>
      ^V<D-,> <D-,> ok
      ^V<S-D-,> <D-,> oops - should be <S-D-,>
      ^V<D-.> -nothing- ok - CMD-. is Apple's "escape"
      ^V<S-D-.> -nothing- oops - should be <S-D-.> or <D->>
      ^V<D-/> <D-/> ok
      ^V<S-D-/> <D-/> oops - should be <S-D-/>
      ^V<S-D-Left> <C-S-D-\> ok
      ^V<Del> <Del> ok
      ^V<D-Del> <D-^?> ok
      ^V<S-D-Del> <S-D-^?> ok
      ^V<D-BS> <C-D-H> ok
      ^V<S-D-BS> <C-S-D-H> ok
      ^V<D-\> <D-Bslash> ok
      ^V<S-D-\> <D-Bslash> oops - should be <S-D-Bslash>
      ^V<D-a> <D-a> ok
      ^V<S-D-a> <S-D-a> ok
      ^V<D-PgUp> <C-D-K> ok
      ^V<S-D-PgUp> <C-S-D-K> ok

      (1): I was at first confused at what happened when I tested <D-[0-9]>.
      After one keypress, nothing happened. After several, a character
      This is explained in the digraphs help, ^V<decimal number> for
      special characters by character number.
      However, this shouldn't happen if modified by D- should it?
      After I got around this (by not using ^V), <D-9> IS recognised as
      <D-9> but <S-D-9> still comes out as <D-9>. The same applies for the
      other digits.

      Although this bug prevents me from moving up to version 7, I greatly
      appreciate the work that has gone into this release... "well done" to
      the developers! Here's hoping it turns out to be easy to fix :-)

      I'm using OS-X 10.4.6, PPC/G4
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