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3901Re: mapping alt-arrow

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  • Afternoon
    Apr 30, 2006
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      I've been doing some more exploration of key mappings on Benji's new
      7.0g build, using insert mode to get Vim to tell me what it's thinking:

      Keypress Yields
      ^V<Left> <Left>
      ^V<Right> <Right>
      ^V<D-Left> <C-D-\>
      ^V<D-Right> <C-D-]>
      ^V<D-Up> <C-D-^>
      ^V<D-Down> <C-D-_>
      ^V<M-Left> <Left>
      ^V<M-Right> <Right>
      ^V<M-Up> <Up>
      ^V<M-Down> <Down>
      ^V<BS> ^H
      ^V<M-BS> ^H

      So, shift seems to work, alt is broken and command is weird,
      backspace is still not quite mapping correctly, regardless of fixdel
      etc. By using these combinations I've managed to get back a lot of
      the navigation keys I use, so I'm switching up to 7 now (for the time
      being at least). However I'd still like to try and get that pesky
      backspace sorted and it seems odd to me that <D-left> == <C-D-\> etc.

      I'd also like to take this opportunity to once again recommend a
      patch by Eckehard Burns which allows Cmd-. to be used as ^C during
      external tasks (compiles, makes, etc). Cmd-. is the standard Mac stop-
      doing-stuff-now key. As builds of 7 mature I think this is a nice
      rounding off type feature. I've attached the patch for Vim 6.3, it
      might need modifying for 7, I'm willing to take a look at that.

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