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  • Afternoon
    Apr 22, 2006
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      I too am experiencing trouble mapping various key combinations in Vim
      7, both 7.0c2 and 7.0e.02. I can't seem to map M combinations or D
      combinations, although doing <D-o> opens a buffer successfully.

      I'm also having problems mapping backspace, e.g. <M-BS> in both Vim 6
      (my own build) and 7 (in GUI mode). I've had a bit of a read around
      and it's clear that there are some terminal-related issues with
      backspace. However, backspace is sending ^H as expected. :fixdel and
      setting the value of t_kb doesn't seem to help any.

      Basically I'm trying to map lots of the core OS X editing key
      combinations. Any help/insight anyone can provide with either of
      these questions would be much appreciated. Looking forward to getting
      Vim 7 really cooking.


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