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3880Re: mapping alt-arrow

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  • Alan Schmitt
    Apr 22, 2006
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      On 22 avr. 06, at 00:19, Benji Fisher wrote:

      > On Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 11:27:46AM +0200, Alan Schmitt wrote:
      >> On 20 avr. 06, at 18:31, Benji Fisher wrote:
      >> The only modification I see is the ATSUI stuff, which I did not do
      >> (it should only affect anti-aliasing, shouldn't it?).
      > Your guess is probably better than mine.

      I'm sure not, I was just asking for confirmation that this was the
      only change.

      >> Here is the status using this version compiled with features=huge and
      >> python interp:
      >> - <M-Right> still doesn't work :( It behaves as <Right> (more
      >> precisely: mapping <M-Right> does nothing and changes neither the
      >> behavior of <Right> nor <M-Right>; mapping <Right> changes the
      >> behavior of both.)
      > I do not have any other suggestions. The main change that I know
      > of between my trials with 7.0d and 7.0e02 is the modification I
      > mentioned, so maybe that change affects how Vim.app handles keys as
      > well
      > as antialiasing. I still think you should try it.

      I did update to the most recent version and did this change, and
      unfortunately it did not work. I guess I'll have to investigate further.

      By the way, commenting out the ATSUI lines did make antialiasing
      work, as expected.



      Alan Schmitt <http://alan.petitepomme.net/>

      The hacker: someone who figured things out and made something cool
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