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3811Re: Font rendering in 7

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  • Jussi Hagman
    Apr 2 10:06 AM
      On 31.3.2006, at 17:36, Alex Knaub wrote:

      > 2006/3/31, Erik Dahl <edahl@...>:
      >> The font rendering in vim-7 (all versions I have built and http://
      >> macvim.org/OSX/index.php#Downloading) is problematic. I have a
      >> problem as the cursor moves across some text the redraw under it is
      >> not lined up with the current character (I have a screen snip of this
      >> is it worth posting?)
      >> Also the font render is much less clean than 6.4 (this is without
      >> antialias on). And antialias doesn't seem to work in 7.
      > i have the same problem on PowerBook G4 10.4.5 here. All vim-7
      > versions have ugly, broken fontrenderig. Antialias does not work.
      > Cursor movement is very, very slow.

      A fix for some (most?) of the things mentioned here is coming soon.
      I'll merge Da Woon's great patch with the latest sources and send it
      to Bram as soon as I have the time.

      Some slowness may result from the Multibyte/atsui rendering but it is
      rendering correctly with antialias and it is fast to be usable at
      least on my 1.33GHz G4.


      Jussi Hagman, jhagman@..., iChat/AIM: jussihagman, ICQ: 54004113
      Studentbyn 4 D 33, 20540 Åbo, Finland +358 50 56 51 170
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