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38Re: vim 56 - Japanese version

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  • Axel Kielhorn
    Apr 12, 2000
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      At 17:30 Uhr +0900 2000-04-11, Kenichi Asai wrote:
      >Dear Vim-Mac developpers,

      >In my previous e-mails, I reported that changes on screen.c and
      >chartab.c were necessary to use Japanese. It turned out that by
      >set isprint=@,~-255
      >those changes are unnecessary. (On Windows, the above setting is the
      >default. On Macintosh, it isn't.)

      This is a bug, 128 - 160 are printable, will be fixed in the next
      non-japanese release that I hope to prepare over the easter break.

      >This is incorporated as 5.6.052.

      Axel, 5 patches behind

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      than children do from infancy
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