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3749Re: Vim.app directory structure

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  • Alan Schmitt
    Mar 22, 2006
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      On 22 mars 06, at 12:16, Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      > Alan Schmitt wrote:
      >> I have just compiled Vim.app on a Mac, and I have a couple quick
      >> comments:
      >> /Applications/Vim.app/Contents/Resources/vim/bin/Vim -u NONE -esX -c
      >> "helptags ." -c quit
      >> /bin/sh: line 1: /Applications/Vim.app/Contents/Resources/vim/bin/
      >> Vim: No such file or directory
      >> make[2]: *** [vimtags] Error 127
      >> The path to the application should be:
      >> /Applications/Vim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim
      >> (there is no "bin" directory in /Applications/Vim.app/Contents/
      >> Resources/vim/)
      > Can you explain how you managed to get the executable name
      > "Contents/Resources/vim/bin/Vim"? It doesn't happen for me. What
      > configure options did you use or what changes to the Makefile did you
      > make?

      I did:
      cvs checkout
      cd vim7/src
      ./configure --enable-pythoninter --with-features=huge
      make install

      with no change to the Makefiles (fresh out of cvs). The error was
      when running "make install".

      Maybe the problem is with the definition of "prefix" at the beginning
      of the install:

      srcdir=`pwd`; make -f Makefile installruntime \
      VIMEXE=$srcdir/Vim \
      prefix=/Applications/Vim.app/Contents/Resources/vim \

      >> Another quick comment: it would be great to add an icon as well.
      > An icon should already be added.

      I see this in the make:
      cp gui_mac.icns Vim.app/Contents/Resources/gui_mac.icns

      but it does not seem to create the Icon file at the top of the
      Vim.app dir. Here is what I got before and after I copied and pasted
      an icon to the app:

      schmitta@top src % ls Vim.app
      schmitta@top src % ls /Applications/Vim.app
      Contents Icon

      >> Thanks for this nice OS X integration.
      > The way to fill the Vim.app directory changed recently, thus watch out
      > for any trouble.

      I'll keep my eyes opened.

      Thanks again.


      Alan Schmitt <http://alan.petitepomme.net/>

      The hacker: someone who figured things out and made something cool
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