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3727Re: GUI build failing on OS X 10.3.9

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  • Chris Allen
    Mar 14, 2006
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      On 3/14/06, Jussi Hagman <jhagman@...> wrote:
      > Oh, Stuffit. :) I had completely blocked it from my conscious mind.
      > It does not ship with OS X 10.4 any more and there is actually no
      > reason for using it with zips on 10.3 either. Finder can expand them
      > better and faster.

      Really? I didn't know that. Of course, the command line utilities
      are always perfectly, good, too.

      > Stuffit is a bit weird, I used to hate it so much when using 10.3
      > that I actually hacked together a really small application that I
      > could use to unarchive .tar files instead of stuffit. If you are
      > interested you can find it on my (very outdated) homepage and try it
      > out.

      Thanks, I'll pass, though. I think I'll stick with just taking
      Stuffit out back for its rather over-due appointment with the bit

      Chris Allen
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