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3722Re: how to reset vi -i option

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  • Chris Allen
    Mar 13, 2006
      On 3/9/06, mythily <smythily@...> wrote:

      This one has languished here long enough, I'll have a stab at it.

      > But i can execute the proram and it can copy the files.But after that i
      > couldn't able to enter into vi editor.

      Okay, so, your basic problem is that you've got a file somewhere, and
      then when you try to open it with vim then you get a segmentation
      fault? Or do you simply get a segmentation fault whenever you try to
      start vim *at all*?

      I'm not seeing what relevance any other random program (Java or
      otherwise) may have to your problem.

      > And also i used vi -i option.It show some alert msg as "cant overwrite
      > ././.viminfo!" Pls tell me the way to recover it.

      That's a very strange message. I do not understand why you are
      telling it to use a viminfo file stored in ././.viminfo, which is the
      same location as ./.viminfo or even just .viminfo.

      It sounds like you do not have write permission for your .viminfo
      file. You can check this with "ls -l /path/to/your/.viminfo" in the
      Terminal command line. If that is the problem then you just need to
      adjust your permissions with chmod.

      Chris Allen
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