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3657Re: Duplicate e-mails (Was: MacVIM and UTF-8)

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  • Preben 'Peppe' Guldberg
    Dec 14, 2005
      Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:
      > On a completely irrelevant note, is there a way to configure my
      > mailing list settings so I don't keep getting duplicate e-mails when
      > people reply to me and the list?

      Not really - the emails get sent to you by different routes. You would
      need to filter on the receiving end.

      se nocp cpo=BceFsx!$ hid bs=2 ls=2 hls ic " P. Guldberg /bin/vi@...
      se scs ai isf-== fdo-=block cino=t0,:0 hi=100 ru so=4 noea lz|if has('unix')
      se sh=/bin/sh|en|syn on|filetype plugin indent on|ono S V/\n^-- $\\|\%$/<CR>
      cno <C-A> <C-B>|au FileType vim,mail se sw=4 sts=4 et|let&tw=72+6*(&ft=~'v')
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