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3656Re: MacVIM and UTF-8

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  • Jussi Hagman
    Dec 14, 2005
      On 14.12.2005, at 18:35, Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:

      > Jussi Hagman wrote:
      >> gVim 7 on OS X is work in progress and broken in many ways
      >> regarding the fonts and text rendering. There is a reason that is
      >> not called stable, please use Vim 6.4 it should work fine with
      >> UTF-8 when multibyte is enabled at compile time. I would not
      >> recommend using vim7 on OS X with the Carbon interface at this point.
      > Well, as my earlier posts on the matter mentioned, the version
      > of 6.4 I tried doesn't actually handle UTF-8 correctly (question
      > marks with enc=utf-8 and garbage with tenc=utf-8), or is it just
      > that the 6.4 binaries on macvim.org are not compiled with multibyte
      > support?

      I was in a hurry to get dinner and forgot completely to mention that
      the support is of course quite limited (basically to latin-ish
      characters I would guess) and that is the reason of the major re-
      engineering that has been happening with the font rendering for vim 7.

      So if you are trying to produce kanji, kana or something more exotic
      you must go to graphical vim7 (which I don't recommend) or use vim
      with a terminal as was suggested.


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