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3653Re: MacVIM and UTF-8

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  • Jussi Hagman
    Dec 14, 2005
      Sorry for ignoring this thread earlier.. And another sorry if I
      missed the point by hopping in in middle of conversation.

      On 14.12.2005, at 16:33, Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:

      > Chris Allen wrote:
      >> On 14/12/05, Geoffrey Alan Washburn <geoffw@...> wrote:
      >>> I gave this a try and it seems to work correctly. However, it
      >>> doesn't seem to antialias fonts despite adjusting the "anti" and
      >>> "antialias" options. Do I need to rebuild it from source to get
      >>> antialiasing?

      gVim 7 on OS X is work in progress and broken in many ways regarding
      the fonts and text rendering. There is a reason that is not called
      stable, please use Vim 6.4 it should work fine with UTF-8 when
      multibyte is enabled at compile time. I would not recommend using
      vim7 on OS X with the Carbon interface at this point.

      >> You need to re-build without multibyte support if you want
      >> antialiasing to work. Antialiasing, along with underlining and
      >> italics, does not currently work with GVim under OS X.

      They work fine on Vim6 (italics with a separate patch).


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