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361Vim Carbon binary available

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  • Benji Fisher
    Nov 2, 2001
      Vim-Mac friends:

      I have compiled and uploaded a binary of vim compiled for OS X with
      the Carbon GUI. *** I have not tested this much at all! *** You can
      get it from my i-disk (which I have just created):
      I packaged the binary with tar and gzip. I assume you know where to get
      the runtime files.

      Compiling issues:

      1. I compiled a "huge" version, but I could not figure out how to
      include +perl. I tried editing feature.h and Makefile, to no avail.

      2. I tried to put in my name in the "Compiled by" slot, but it did not
      seem to work. Maybe I am editing the wrong Makefile?

      3. The terminal version, according to :version, uses
      /usr/local/share/vim as a "fall-back" setting for $VIM. Where is this
      set, for terminal and Carbon versions?

      Packaging issues:

      The Mac "Developer Tools" include a PackageBuilder.app, so I would
      like to use this to package the binaries together with the runtime
      files, and perhaps write a simple installation script. I need to decide
      where to install these. Any advice will be appreciated. In fact, if
      you succeed in installing the binary in, say, the Applications folder,
      please let me know how you set $VIM (or whatever you do) so that vim can
      find the runtime files.

      If I can figure out how to do this, I would like to post a package
      version some time next week.

      --Benji Fisher